Range Lubimatic Control Dry

For an effective dry lubrication of conveyor belts in food and beverage industries



AEB has developed a pneumatic spraying system, a typology of lubricant distribution and supply certainly representing an innovation, revolutionizing what already existed on the market. The equipment of the range Lubimatic Control Dry consist of: electrical panel, pneumatic circuit and lines. The control unit must be coupled to the dripless pneumatic lubrication nozzles, with a standard flow rate of 200 cc/min.
AEB recommends the lubricant Sintodry, to be used in combination with the equipment of the range Lubimatic Control Dry.


The range Lubimatic Control Dry comprises 3 models and allows to simultaneously serve up to 80 lubrication nozzles:
Lubimatic Control Dry ECO (small-sized systems);
Lubimatic Control Dry 2 zones (medium-sized systems);
Lubimatic Control Dry 5 zones (large-sized systems).

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