To obtain the best filtration performance for wine, beer, water, soft drinks and drinks in general, AEB Group offers a wide range of solutions from Danmilthese are the result of consolidated experience and deep technical know-how.

Danmil products are able to meet all filtration needs, are made using only certified materials of the highest quality and are subjected to constant and rigorous checks throughout the entire production process.

The Danmil range of filter products includes filter sheets, lenticular modules and cartridges.


Filter sheets DANMIL DFR (Depth Filtration Range)

Made with first choice and extremely pure natural materials, positively charged: finely fibrillated cellulose fibers of broad-leaved and coniferous trees, diatomaceous earths and perlite at different concentrations.

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Lenticular modules DANMIL DISC

A complete and hermetically sealed solution for depth filtration, with the same technology of filtration as the sheets. They are inserted in a FDA polypropylene structure, designed for maximum resistance.

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DANMIL cartridges

Products starting from polymers produced in our plant in Denmark based on polyetheresulfone, polypropylene and PTFE, they ensure high standards of performance and microbiological retention.

The range includes final membranes, pre-filtration elements and capsule filters.

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Our team of professionals, winemakers and experts is able to provide qualified support by ensuring a 360-degree service with preliminary analyses and post-bottling microbiological checks.

The AEB portfolio is completed with a wide choice of detergents and products for washing, regenerating and sterilizing cartridges in order to guarantee producers not only the best product to buy, but also the best possible yield over time.

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