Donato Lanati (with contribution from Dora Marchi)

Lessons of oenological technology
Donato Lanati with contribution from Dora Marchi 2007, 301 pages, format 22x22, colour illustrated, paperback, colour plastic-coated cover.
Euro 50,00 (VAT included).

It is always more difficult to write something new about wine, but it is even more difficult to be understandable speaking about a matter where chemical-physical and microbiological implications are innumerable and unavoidable to understand this thousand-year-old food, that from caloric and restorative source became during time a table’s incomparable complement.
The knowledge the two Authors have about the matter, as they should be considered as “wine scholars” rather than oenologists, enables them to analyse in depth complex themes in a simple, schematic and of easy consultation way. The result is a book that can be read in one go but which is also indispensable to the wine-lover wishing to analyse the specific arguments treated in the different chapters.
From mechanisms superintending maturation and which are fundamental to determine the correct harvesting period, the Authors describe the transformations leading to the creation of wine, integrating the description of biological phenomena with indispensable hints about wine-tasting, underlining the importance of oxygen, of wooden barrels and, not last, of cork, with the aim to obtain not also an “important” wine, but taking care that it maintains its characteristics during time.
This work, born from oenology lessons held during years to groups of wine technicians, is not only a textbook, but the way to better understand the matter and, as knowledge enables to fully appreciate arguments, it becomes an indispensable tool to love wine, beverage once reserved to gods only by mythology, which today is fortunately bestowed even to mortals like us.

Donato Lanati 
He is the founder of “Enosis”, research centre applied in oenology and viticulture.
Earnest supporter of the varietal authenticity and of the ground originality, he works about wine-technology with Dora Marchi and with a numerous group of researchers.
He carries out consultancy activities in Italy and abroad, by important wine-growing and producing companies.
The book “De Vino”, the result of years of studies and visiting of vines and cellars, has been conceived in University laboratories and lecture halls.
The scientific spirit of the book is always supported by an enthusiastic popular method, facilitating the practical need to supply the entire knowledge, always accurate and comprehensive, in its clear simplicity.

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